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Acatana Windscreen Wiper Washer Pump for Ford Mondeo HA HB HC HD HE 1995 – 2001 Front

This Windscreen Washer Pump will seamlessly fit your Ford Mondeo HA HB HC HD HE 1995 – 2001 Front 2S6T17K624AB 2S6T-17K624-AB

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  Driving in various conditions often leaves you with a dusty and dirty windscreen.

Car Washer Pump Cleaning System is designed so that you can wash and clean your screen instantly from the press of a button.

Having a dirty windscreen can make driving hazardous all year round.

If your washer pump stops working – you can replace the pump itself instead of replacing the whole washing system.

It is always recommended to clean your washer bottle and clear the pipes prior to fitting a new washer pump as sludge can build up in the tank and cause damage to your new pump.


Windscreen Washer Pump for Ford 



1. Color: Black

2. Condition: Brand New

3. Material: Plastic

4. Quantity: 1pc 


Fitment Model:


  Make      Model       Series        Years         Badge          Body   Position  
  Ford    Mondeo         HA       1995  incl.: GLX, LX  4door Sedan  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HA       1995  incl.: LX  4door Wagon  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HA       1995  incl.: GLX  5door Hatchback  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HB  1995 – 1996      incl.: GLX, LX  4door Sedan  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HB  1995-1996  incl.: LX  4door Wagon  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HB  1995 – 1996   incl.: GLX  5door Hatchback  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HC  1996 – 1998  incl.: GLX, LX  4door Sedan  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HC  1996 – 1998  incl.: LX  4door Wagon  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HC  1996 -1998  incl.: GLX  5door Hatchback  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HD  1998 – 1999  incl.: GLX, LX  4door Sedan  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HD  1998 – 1999  incl.: GLX  5door Hatchback  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HE  2000 – 2001  incl.: ST24, Verona  4door Sedan  Front
  Ford   Mondeo     HE  2000 – 2001  incl.: Ghia  5door Hatchback  Front


*Only suits models WITHOUT rear wiper


Package includes:

1x Windshield Washer Pump

1x Rubber Grommet


Acatana Windscreen Wiper Washer Pump for Ford Mondeo HA HB HC HD HE 1995 - 2001 Front



2S6T-17K624-AB / 2S6T17K624AB

93BB-17K624-AA  /  93BB17K624AA

1698640 7003177



1. Easy to install

2. Excellent replacement for worn out or broken Windscreen Washer Pump

3. Professional installation is recommended (unless you are good!)


Please check the part numbers and photos when placing the order

If you are unsure or have any questions – please contact us by eBay message

If you have VIN number handy – it may help to check compatibility

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Weight 0.086 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 5 cm


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