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MAF Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor for Ford Ranger PK 2009 – 2011 PJ 2006 – 2009

AFM Meter Sensor For Ford Ranger PK 2009 – 2011 PJ 2006 – 2009 reliable replace to determine the Flow Mass rate of Air entering a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. Compatible with OEM 197400-2010 1974002010

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MAF Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor for Ford Ranger PK 2009 – 2011 PJ 2006 – 2009 made of high-quality material for long-lasting durability, ensuring maximum performance and extended service life. Intake pipe dirty is the major cause make sensor broken, steam and dust will influence sensor make electric resistance rising (output signal to ECU become weakness ), even no signal output. So just make sure the intake pipe is clean when installing the new MAF sensor, if install the new sensor with pipe dirty , the sensor will be damaged in few days


Compatibility (Suitable for):

  • For Ford Ranger  PJ 2006 – 2009  2.5L 3.0L
  • For Ford Ranger  PK 2009 – 2011  2.5L 3.0L



  • 1x Mass Air Flow MAF Meter Sensor 


Replaces Reference OEM Part Number:

  • 197400-2010, 197400-4041, 22204-22010, AFM-135, TAF004, WLS113215A
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1974002010, 197408-0040, ZLY113215
  • Interchange Part Number: 1974080040, ZL01-12-215, AF10029, ZL01-13-215
  • Other Part Number: SU5092, MF20129, 5S2748, 49-00152-AN, 4900152AN, 4900152R



Before installing the MAF, sure clean the airbox and replace the air filter, otherwise "Code and Check Engine Light" may always be displayed even if the MAF is replaced with a new one


Attention! Photos are for reference purposes only and should NOT be used for identification. The only reliable source of identification as to whether this particular part is suitable for your vehicle is your VIN number. Using the table in the description with all the years/models/submodels does not guarantee that the item will suit your needs.


How to install the mass airflow meter sensor:

  • Place the MAF sensor in the vehicle. Make sure that the airflow direction indicated on the sensor faces the engine.
  • Install sensor-to-air-duct seal(s) on the replacement MAF sensor, if so equipped.
  • Connect the MAF sensor to the throttle body air cleaner ducts. If the sensor mounts directly on the throttle body, install and tighten the mounting screws to 10 ft-lb. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!
  • Position clamps over the air duct/MAF sensor connections and tighten; Replace the clamps if necessary.NOTE: For the MAF sensor to work properly, the sensor/air duct connections must be airtight.
  • Carefully insert the harness plug wire into the MAF sensor.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 9 × 8 cm


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