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Return Policy

Return is available in the online store

There may be times when you need to return your in store or online purchase. Our Returns Policy is designed to assist you in returning your product. We would like to remind you that the benefits given by our Returns Policy are in addition to other rights & remedies you may have under Australian consumer law. We understand that you might need to return something to us for a number of reasons. Please contact us   before sending anything back.

Reasons why you can get a refund or replacement

1) The item arrived damaged or missing parts

All orders leave our warehouse in brand new undamaged condition. If your item arrives damaged or missing parts, we will gladly replace it for you (or if stocks are exhausted, refund you in full) and reimburse you for any return shipping costs you incur to return the item to us. Please email us a copy of the receipt for any shipping costs you incur.
All claims for damaged items must be made within 2 business days of receiving your order. It is important that you open your order as soon as you get it, and notify us immediately if there is any damage.
Please take photographs of any damage and email them to us before sending the item back, as we need to report damage to our insurer, delivery courier and warehouse.

2) The item is faulty

Your purchase automatically comes with protections under Australian Consumer Law that cannot be excluded. All of our products are fully backed by manufacturer warranty.
Should your product be faulty, please contact us so we can guide you through the correct process for having the fault rectified under the manufacturer warranty. Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty terms and requirements, we will either repair or replace it for you (or if stocks are exhausted, refund you) excluding original delivery costs.

3)  The item does not match the description on the website

We try to update information about products on the site. We add complete and truthful data and photos about the product, as well as add its description and characteristics. Before buying a product: study the photos of the product in the photo gallery, pay attention to the connectors, pins, the number of connectors and their shape, and compare them with your old part on your hands, also before buying wipers, pay attention to the type of attachment and their size how to buy wipers you can read in the article:

If you placed an order and you received a product that differs from the stated description in the product card on our website:

Write to us  and we will try to solve this problem, we will try to find the part you need and send it to you, if we do not find the part you need – we will make a return, write to us in the contact form or by mail, to speed up the process, follow the instructions “how to make a return ” below.

4) Item not delivered to you (item lost) 

We work with reliable major courier services to deliver goods throughout Australia, such as Australia Post, Courier Please, Sendle and others. After shipping your order to your address, we will send you a tracking number for your order.

If you are worried about the product or the product did not reach you, write to us, and we will try to solve this problem or return your money. 

After you report your problem to our email  or our help page we will contact you as soon as possible and tell you how to return the product.

Items must be returned to us via tracked postage or courier. Without a verifiable tracking number, you accept full risk of the item not reaching us. Returns not received by us will not qualify for replacement or refund.

  • 1) Write to us in the contact form or e-mail;
  • 2) Indicate your problem in the subject line of the email;
  • 3) Add to the e-mail the number of your order on our website that was sent to you by e-mail and your name to whom the order was placed;
  • 4) Specify the type of your problem: a) The item arrived damaged or missing parts 
     b) The item is faulty c) The item does not match the description on the website d) other;
  • 3) other reason (name this reason);
  • 5) Write a brief description of the problem and how you figured out the problem was of the type specified;

Customers can cancel the order if it has not been packed and shipped

We will refund the payment via the same payment method the original payment was made. Refunds are processed within 1-7 business days.


In some cases a refund or replacement may not be offered if you:

  • Substantially modify the product
  • Misuse the product contrary to user instructions or packaging labels
  • Simply change your mind
  • In some circumstances, a customer may only be entitled to a partial refund, for example, where a customer returned the product after using it for a reasonable amount of time

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