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Cooling Fan Control Module for Mitsubishi Outlander 2002 – 2007

Cooling fan module is a device in your car that controls the temperatures in the engine for Mitsubishi Outlander. This part is also compatible with OEM 1355A124 Z1355A053 MR497751 S3-12955-00001

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Cooling Fan Control Module for Mitsubishi Outlander 2002 – 2007 is a device in your car that controls the temperatures in the engine by regulating the speeds at which the fan motor rotates. This creates a cooling effect in the engine, preventing it from overheating. This acatana auto Top quality fan control unit module is a 100% brand-new aftermarket cooling fan control module. Built to strict quality control standards, and high reliability.



  • Made with high-quality materials and components
  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Constructed to withstand an engine environment



  • for Mitsubishi Outlander 2003 – 2006 L4 2.4L





quality product Cooling Fan Control Module for Mitsubishi Outlander OEM 1355A124




What does the cooling fan module do?

  • The cooling fan module is a complete electrical subsystem. It is able to set the right speed for the fan. Due to the increasing amount of power consumers (power steering, air-conditioning etc.), it is necessary to protect the engine from overheating

Where is the cooling fan control module?

  • The fan control module can be located in a variety of places on the vehicle. The most common is on the radiator fan and condenser fan assembly as shown above. Other possible places are along the firewall of the vehicle or even under the dash

What are the symptoms of a faulty cooling fan switch?

  • Common signs include engine overheating, the Check Engine Light coming on, and a broken or shorter signal wire


Installation tip: Turning off the engine, replace the new cooling fan module after the water in engine radiator cooled to the room temperature; Avoid the external high heat source after installation; Avoid sprinkling water on surrounding auto parts during the installation


Reference OEM: 1355A124, Z1355A053, MR497751, S3-12955-00001, 1c23219799, 8017A 1355A-124, 1355S124, 1C232-19700, 1355-A124, 1355A125, AJY215SC0, AJ51-15-15YA, AJY2-15-SC0, 1C23219700


Package Includes: 1Pcs Cooling Fan Control Module



acatana auto parts Cooling Fan Control Module for Mitsubishi Outlander OEM 1355A124

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Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm


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