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Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 – 2021, Twin Kit

These front wiper blades will seamlessly fit your Jeep Cherokee 2014 – 2021 KL | Fast shipping from Australia

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SKU: 907-26-18-cherokee-2
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These innovative hybrid wiper blades are an exact fit for your Jeep Cherokee KL. A protective blade cover guarantees the most extended service life and provides the quietest wiping experience. This kit contains wiper sizes of 26" + 18" inches.

These wipers will seamlessly fit your:

  • Jeep Cherokee 2014 – 2021 KL

This Pair Kit includes wiper blade size of:

  • Front Driver side: 26" / 650mm
  • Front Passenger side: 18" / 450mm

SKU: 907-26-18-cherokee-2


Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 - 2021, Twin Kit

Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 - 2021, Twin Kit

Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 - 2021, Twin Kit

Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 - 2021, Twin Kit

Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 - 2021, Twin Kit

Hybrid Wiper Blades fit Jeep Cherokee KL 2014 - 2021, Twin Kit


Main features:

  • Lowest noise levels on the market
  • The robust framed cover protects the wiper from UV and other weather conditions
  • Advanced hybrid technology for extra aerodynamics
  • Superb dual rubber compound ensures uniform windscreen contact
  • Universal J Hook (U Hook) connector for convenient fit

Windscreen wipers replacement is easy with our twin pack bundles that include popular driver and passenger side sizes for most cars. acatana blades are precision engineered to provide excellent performance in all weather conditions, quiet streak-free wiping without judder or squeaking, long service life, and quick fit. Blended dual rubber compound guarantees a long lifetime. The refillable kit comes in plastic-free eco-friendly packaging from our Australian warehouse.

907 Hybrid Technology delivers long-lasting performance that prevents smearing and provides superior visibility. Guaranteed compatibility with your car: U Hook Connector is 100% suitable for your vehicle.

  • SIMPLE U-HOOK INSTALLATION: This set is easy to fit for a quick DIY replacement. These blades perfectly adhere to windshield curvature.
  • SILENCE AT ANY SPEED: Enjoy crystal clear windscreen in silence. Superior aerodynamics decreases wind noise and wiper lift.
  • GUARANTEED LONG SERVICE LIFE: Hybrid plastic cover protects the rubber from cracking and other UV damage and prevents ice and snow accumulation on the blade for the best wiping results in any weather.


  • Set of two front wiper blades (2 pcs kit)
  • Model: 907 Hybrid
  • Fitment: U-Hook (J-Hook) wiper arm
  • Brand: acatana

How to install 907 wiper blades:

  • 1. Ensure your windscreen is clean and dry.
  • 2. Raise the metal arms away from the windshield.
  • 3. Unhook and remove your old blades.
  • 4. Install new wiper blades. Refer to the installation images.
  • 5. Ensure the yellow plastic blade cover is removed before first use.
  • 6. Lower the metal arms to the windshield.
  • 7. Turn on the car ignition and wet the windscreen with fluid to test the new wipers for proper installation.


  • Before purchasing, make sure you have your specific vehicle selected.
  • Please clean your windscreen manually before installation
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Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 73 × 6 × 4.4 cm


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