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  • Aero Wiper Blades for Volkswagen up! 2012 - 2014 Pair Pack
    SKU: 9011-24-15-up

    Aero Design Wiper Blades are advanced symmetrical beam wipers that ensure top efficiency even at high speed by delivering maximum windscreen contact for your Volkswagen up!. This Pack included 24″ + 15″ Wiper Sizes. Model: 9011 Brand: acatana

  • Rear Wiper Blade for Volkswagen up! 2012 - 2014 10" 250mm Replacement Kit
    SKU: 933-10-VWUP

    This replacement rear wiper blade improves your driving safety by keeping your rear windscreen clear. The wiper of 10″ inches size fits your Volkswagen up! ideally.