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Volkswagen Amarok Wiper Blades


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Our wiper blades are the perfect compatible size for your Volkswagen Amarok – ensuring a flawless and hassle-free installation process. Whether you’re looking for replacements for the driver side, passenger side, or both, our selection of wiper blades has got you covered.

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Replacement Wiper Blades fit Volkswagen Amarok

Introducing our premium selection of wiper blades designed to perfectly fit your Volkswagen Amarok. Our windscreen wiper blades are the ideal replacement for your old and worn-out ones, ensuring a clear and streak-free view on both the driver and passenger sides.

These wiper blades are specifically made for the front side of your Volkswagen Amarok and come in the perfect size to guarantee a secure and easy installation. Our flat design with a hook and universal achment ensures a flawless fit and effortless replacement, making it convenient for any car owner to install them.

At AURUS, we understand the importance of having high-quality wiper blades that can withstand harsh weather conditions, and that's why our products are crafted with durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your Volkswagen Amarok with our wiper blades and experience the clear view you deserve. Shop now and enjoy our competitive prices and exceptional customer service.”

Crafted with the latest technology and materials, our wiper blades provide excellent visibility in any weather condition. From heavy rain to snow and sleet, our wiper blades will keep your windshield clear and streak-free, allowing you to stay safe and focused on the road ahead.

At AURUS, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service, and our knowledgeable team is always available to assist with any questions you may have. Shop our selection of wiper blades today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having high-quality products installed on your Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok Wiper Blade Size

You no longer need to search for the right sizes for your Volkswagen Amarok wiper blades – we've got you covered! At AURUS, we've carefully selected and curated wiper blade sets with the correct sizes for your vehicle. This means you can simply browse our selection and choose the set that fits your needs, without worrying about whether the sizes are correct.

Our wiper blades for the Volkswagen Amarok are designed to fit each model and series perfectly. At AURUS, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer a range of wiper blade sizes to match the specific dimensions of your vehicle. Our selection of wiper blades ensures that you will always have the perfect fit for your Volkswagen Amarok , whether you need a replacement for the driver side, passenger side, or both.

Additionally, we take great care to ensure that each wiper blade is crafted with precision and the latest technology, ensuring top-quality performance and durability. Choose AURUS for wiper blades that are tailored to your Volkswagen Amarok and experience clear visibility on the road ahead.”

Replacing wiper blades on a Volkswagen Amarok is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps.

Follow these instructions to replace your wiper blades:

  • Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield until it locks in place.
  • Locate the small tab or button on the underside of the wiper blade where it connects to the wiper arm.
  • Press the tab or button and slide the wiper blade off the wiper arm.
  • Take the new wiper blade and insert the arm into the hook or slot on the blade until you hear a click.
  • Gently lower the wiper arm back down onto the windshield.
  • Repeat the process for the other wiper blade if necessary.

It is important to note that different models and brands of wiper blades may have slightly different installation processes, so be sure to refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific details.

Additionally, it is recommended to replace wiper blades every six months to ensure optimal performance and visibility on the road.

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