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Oxygen Sensor O2 Post Cat for Toyota Corolla 2003 – 2010

This Oxygen Sensor O2 Post Cat for Toyota Corolla 2003 – 2010 Lambda Probe can improve engine efficiency performance and fuel economy, reduce CO2 and other emissions. This part will compatible with OEM 89465-06230, 8946506230

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Oxygen Sensor O2 Post Cat for Toyota Corolla 2003 – 2010 also called an oxygen sensor, is a small probe located on the car exhaust, between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. The lambda probe, situated before the catalyses, permanently measures the quantity of oxygen present in exhaust gases to change the air-fuel mixture


Compatibility Toyota:

  • Corolla 2003 – 2010 1.6L
  • Corolla 2003 – 2008 1.8L



  • Before purchasing please double check that your sensors matches OEM below and the connector photo matches your old sensor, the sensor may not be suitable for Pre-CAT installation position, it is for Post-CAT.  Please pay attention and check – length 420mm
  • Most cars have at least two oxygen sensors located throughout the exhaust system, at least one in front of the catalytic converter Pre-CAT and one or more downstream from the catalytic converter Post-CAT. The “pre-cat sensor” regulates fuel supply, while the downstream sensor measures the efficiency of the catalytic converter.


Compatible Reference OEM: 89465-06230, 8946506230, 89465 06230

Long life time Oxygen Sensor O2 Lambda Probe for Toyota OEM 8946506230



  • Simple installation, Plug & Play fast response
  • It can improve engine efficiency performance and fuel economy, reduce CO2 and other emissions
  • Stable characteristics and high reliability
  • Manufactured to strict engineering quality and standards
  • Ensure maximum strength and durability for long-term use


Can you drive with a faulty lambda sensor?

  • Yes, you can drive with a bad oxygen sensor if you can still start your engine and feel little difficulty driving. But don't leave it alone for over a couple of days, as it might cause safety problems and lead to the malfunction of other parts of your vehicle


What happens if the lambda sensor is faulty?

  • A damaged lambda sensor or fault in the fuel system can result in a high air to fuel ratio, producing black soot which damages the lambda sensor. Measure exhaust gases to ensure the fuel system is functioning correctly


Why do lambda sensors fail?

  • The Lambda sensor operates in extremely high temperatures, so damage to the heater element of the sensor is the most frequent fault associated with this part. Vibration or damage to connectors and/or wires can also cause failure. Another common cause of premature failure is contamination


How do you know which O2 sensor needs to be replaced?

  • It is best to replace O2 sensors in pairs. For example, if you replace the downstream left sensor, you should also replace the downstream right. However, on most vehicles produced since 1996, replacing one sensor (especially the front engine monitoring sensor) will cause the ECU to set a code for the other sensors


Package Included: 1x Oxygen Sensor O2 Lambda Probe Post Cat


acatana auto parts Oxygen Sensor O2 Lambda Probe for Toyota OEM 8946506230


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Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 6 × 15 × 6 cm


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